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Class Schedule Information

The Class Schedules for Bayshore Classes are listed on the menu on the left by location.

Our Main Obedience & Pet Training Location, is an indoor heated/air conditioned and lighted building with a 30 ft by 40 ft Agili-Flex training surface, where we offer our Competition Obedience, Rally and Pet Training classes, in addition to Showing Handling, Nosework, Therapy Dog and certain introductory Agility Classes.

Our Main Agility Training Location, is an indoor, lighted riding arena with a 60 ft by 90 ft packed dirt surface, and is the location where we offer our Competition Agility program classes.

While Most of our Classes are held at our Main Locations, there are Classes that are offered in certain other locations. Please look at the schedule for actual Class Locations.

The Class Schedules are shown as a Current Schedule which is the curriculum offered for classes about to start or currently in progress and the Upcoming Schedule for the Next session of classes that are scheduled to start in the near future. There is a Current and Upcoming Schedule for each of our programs. It should also be noted that there are different start dates for each program, so please check the start dates for each location for classes you are interested in.

The schedules are color coded by area of interest (e.g. Pet Training is shown with a red background , Agility is shown with a yellow background, etc.).

You can see each of the schedules by clicking on the buttons below or by using the main menu at the left.

Obedience, Rally & Pet Training
Agility Training


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